e-Games expands beyond free-to-play with Diablo III

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[/caption] Unlike free-to-play games, the Diablo III online role-playing game can only be played by installing the title in a PC through a DVD-ROM, which may also be bought from authorized retail outlets P3,145 for the regular box and P7,000 for the collector?s edition. (A digital or online download can be made, but the transaction is covered directly by Blizzard and not by e-Games.) Reports said the gaming firm was able to bag the distributorship for Diablo III and other upcoming Blizzard games after Blizzard?s partnership agreement with its previous local distributor expired last year. During Tuesday?s local unveiling, which coincided with the global launch, top executives of e-Games said the addition of Diablo III and other Blizzard games is meant to widen its audience base. ?There?s still a big number of gamers that we haven?t tapped yet. Going forward, we see a lot of Blizzard games being introduced here,? said Ron Aquino, VP for operations of X-Play Games. (X-Play Games is a joint venture of e-Games and GMA-7). Widely acknowledged as one of the most popular ? if not the most popular ? games ever to come out, e-Games said pre-orders have reached more than 5,000 prior to the local launch. Globally, Diablo is expecting to sell about 5 million copies of the game on its initial year. Although a number of gamers said the game takes a little bit of time to load, e-Games executives said Diablo III requires 12 gigabytes of free space, 1 GB of RAM and display settings of 1024 x 768. ]]>

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