IBM preaches ?Smarter Computing? to Central Luzon firms

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The one-day session, which focused on the manufacturing industry, was held at the Holiday Inn Clark in Pampanga. The manufacturing industry in general has been through decades of changes, from the ?push? model to ?consumption demand? model. Innovation and technology have helped manufacturers build smarter products in less time and at less cost. But again, many manufacturers failed to live up to embrace the available technology and had since lag behind and left behind into oblivion. As part of its geographic expansion initiatives, IBM is actively expanding its business operations in the Philippines and other Asean countries where strategies like Smarter Computing is needed to help local businesses become more competitive in the market place across the regions. ?IBM is here to make manufacturing smarter. And to become smarter requires two critical changes. Firstly, the ability to produce new information such as through RFID instrumentation and connecting systems and secondly; the ability to visualize, sense and act on that information,? shared Randy Sng, manufacturing industry manager at IBM Asean. The solutions are part of an overall IBM strategy called Smarter Computing, which refers to smarter architecture that can help clients gain actionable insights from data, increase IT capacity, and deliver new services faster to create profitable business opportunities. IBM introduced its Smarter Computing approach to information technology last year as a way for organizations to realize greater efficiencies, improved reliability, and better performance, all at lower costs. The Smarter Computing strategy centers around three fundamental aspects: leveraging analytics to exploit vast amounts of data for business goals; utilizing optimized systems that are designed for specific tasks; and managing as much of the IT as possible with cloud-computing technologies. ?Major computing models don?t change very often ? but when they do, they unleash enormous productivity, innovation and economic growth. The good news is that smarter computing is now shifting from theory to reality and is just perfect for growing markets like Clark and most of Central Luzon,? said Joy Bellosillo, geo expansion leader at IBM Philippines.]]>

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