Kaspersky eyes biz space with virtualization solution

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[/caption] Called the Kaspersky Security for Virtualization or KSV, it is aimed at protecting corporate IT infrastructures running on virtualization software from malware and cybercriminals. Suk Ling Gun, director of corporate sales for Kaspersky Lab Asia Pacific, said during the product launch that KSV is initially running on the VMware platform since 80 percent of all virtual machines in the local and global markets are based on VMware. ?But we?ll be launching a version for the virtualization platforms Microsoft and Citrix, including Linux,? the Kaspersky executive said. The company said that while virtualization creates tremendous business and IT benefits for organizations, it can also be target for cybercriminals if left unprotected. The Internet security firm pointed out that the growing trend in virtualization is not supported adequately with support on the security issues. ?Security solution is not growing as fast as the virtualization industry. Malware threat on virtual environment is rapidly increasing from one malware every minute to one malware every second. ?In the Asia Pacific region, the Philippines is among the countries where virtualization is experiencing positive growth. This makes the Philippines a very potential market for KSV,? said Gun. The company said KSV is delivered as a virtual security appliance that integrates with VMware vShield Endpoint to provide agent-less, anti-malware security based upon Kaspersky Lab?s anti-malware engine. KSV also has a centralized anti-malware engine and signature database to ensure that there is no redundancy or duplication of engine and database. ?By tightly integrating with VMware?s platform and tools, KSV?s protection seamlessly follows a VM as it moves from one host to another and there is no disruption to the protection status and security settings of the VM,? the company explained. In addition, KSV gives IT professionals the flexibility to configure and apply different security settings to selected virtual machine groups. Pricing for the KSV will be based on a per virtual server ($110) and virtual desktop ($35). ]]>

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