?Amped Fest? eyes huge comeback

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This year’s “Amped Fest” promises to give an intensified online gaming experience to ToyCon participants with the launch of the fantasy MMOPRG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) ?Relic of Mystra? and the version 4 patches of Amped’s flagship brands Shaiya and WarRock. Aside from the new episodic releases of its online games, Amped will also unveil its new gaming roster for 2012 and the Android and Java mobile gaming portal. It will also serve as the culmination of Netopia Cafe Wars and the opening of JBlaze Cup 2012, where winners will be sent to Korea to compete with other international online gaming champions. Also part of the huge comeback is Amped’ sponsorship of the cosplay gaming genre ?Gaming Galaxy?, where cosplayers gather from all over the country wearing their favorite online and offline (console) video game characters. GM Barbie Lee and a group of other models will join “Amped Fest” sporting the costumes of their favorite Amped characters. To pump up the energy of the Kapamilya gamers, some ABS-CBN starts will also grace the event. The ToyCon is the Philippine counterpart of California?s Comic-Con, which showcases comic books, toys, video games and anime. Now on its 11th year, ToyCon is expecting around 35,000 attendees who will take part in its various activities and contests, including the famous cosplay event ?Cosplay Universe.? ]]>

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