Smart claims highest growth in post-paid

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Smart and Sun Cellular, the other wireless brand of the PLDT Group, said they are now the country?s number one in post-paid with a total of 2.04 million subscribers as of end-March. The growth in Smart?s post-paid subscriber base, as well as the 13-percent increase in post-paid revenue, was fueled by the success of its Netphone, Unli, and All-In plans, said Smart post-paid marketing head Kathryn Carag. Among Smart Post-paid?s growth drivers are the Unli Plan 599 and Netphone Plan 349, which come with a free handset. The former provides unlimited calls and texts to any Smart or Talk ?N Text number, while the latter provides unlimited texts and unli social stream where subscribers can check their Facebook and Twitter accounts from one application. ?Mobile phone users find Smart?s Unli plans more practical than similar unlimited text and call offerings because Smart has the largest prepaid and post-paid subscriber base in the country ? a total of 50.5 million as of end-March. This means that Smart Unli plan holders can text and call more mobile phone users as often as they want,? Carag said. She said Smart will continue offering the Netphone Plan 349 which now comes with a Samsung Galaxy Pocket Netphone edition. She said what makes the Netphone special is Smartnet ? a platform developed by Smart which includes a suite of applications that allows Netphone users to chat, check their social feeds without switching apps, and post online updates for free. Also boosting Smart?s post-paid performance are the All-In plans which let subscribers select their free handset and customize the services they receive. For example, social media addicts under All-In Plan 1800 may choose to spend P1,000 of their plan on unlimited mobile Internet and allocate the remaining P800 to specific call and text packages. Carag said mobile phone users can look forward to exciting post-paid developments as Smart will continue to expand the lineup of services under its All-In plans. ?In the meantime, we are reviving our hugely successful Piso Sale promo, which allows customers to buy amazing plan-bundled smartphones for only one peso. Among the gadgets to be placed on piso sale is the Netphone 501 bundled with the Unli Plan 599. We will be coming out with more details soon,? she said. ]]>

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