Lenovo to parlay PC success on local smartphone market

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[/caption] To achieve this goal, Lenovo Mobile has appointed Open Communications as its exclusive local distributor. Open Communications, which is part of the Filipino conglomerate Tao Corporation, has set a goal of capturing at least 5 percent of the local smartphone market. Unlike other PC manufacturers which branched out to the mobile phone business, Lenovo?s mobile division operators separately from its mother company. Thus, Lenovo Mobile acts like a standalone firm and is focused solely on smartphone products. Open Communications, as a local distributor, coordinates with Lenovo Mobile in China and not with Lenovo Philippines. In a press briefing on Wednesday, Open Communications business unit head John Rojo said the smartphone market is still wide open for new entrants since it is only now that consumers are transitioning from feature phones to smartphones. According to research company GfK Asia, smartphones currently make up nearly 30 percent of all mobile phones purchased in the Philippines and have been steadily rising over the past few years. Its recent report cited that in the first quarter of 2012, total sales of smartphones totaled over $225 million dollars. Open Communications said Lenovo Mobile?s entry comes at an opportune time with the Philippine smartphone market growing at a staggering 402 percent, ahead of many markets in Southeast Asia. Rojo aims to capture a pie of the market by launching new Android-based devices that promises to hit the sweet spot in terms affordability and product quality. ?We won?t be competing in the segment of offering high-priced devices targeting early adopters. Instead, our focus is on the greater majority of consumers who also desire and deserve a smartphone device that is both affordable and reliable in order to assist them in running the daily business of their lives,? said Rojo, a former top executive with Lopez-led Bayan Communications. There are about 19 million Filipinos who belong to the segment of the market that the company is targeting, Rojo said. [cincopa AoDAr7aQF28s] This month, Lenovo has unveiled A65 its new Android-based smartphone. The new model comes at the heels of the brand?s first Android phone, the A60. The A65 is the a dual-SIM phone that runs on Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread with a 800 Mhz processor, making it the practical choice for first time smartphone users that don?t want to sacrifice quality. And at a price of P5,499, A65 offers the perfect balance between quality function and affordability. ?We also partnered with Smart to bundle A65 with a pre-paid Smart Broadband data plan because a smartphone is most useful with a data or Internet plan. This way, consumers get to feel the true Android experience immediately after they walk out of the store even if they don?t have a post-paid plan from one of the mobile operators,? said Rojo. The official pointed out, however, that the unit is not SIM-locked to Smart or Globe since the telcos are not yet carrying Lenovo smartphones as part of their phone packages. Rojo also revealed that at least two more Android phones are set to enter the market before the end of 2012 namely the P700 and the S880 which runs on the higher Android platform called Ice Cream Sandwich. ?Our aim is to provide not just entry level phones such as the A65, but also smartphones that target professionals (P700) to leverage on the strength of Lenovo in the enterprise market, as well as stylish and statement phones that would further enhance the smartphone experience of our target users, but always at competitive prices in every cost category.? Lenovo Mobile said it has an existing line of feature phones fit for every lifestyle: basic phones, a gaming phone, music phone, a stylish phone and qwerty phones. It also is currently running a campaign called ?Two for the Price of Wow? where feature phones are offered at discounted prices in time for the coming school year.]]>

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