Start-up incubators press need for IT ecosystem in PH

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At the forum held at the Filipinas Heritage Library in Makati City on Friday, Novare Technologies and Wireless Wings boss Myla Villanueva said the Philippines has not developed a culture similar to the US that appreciates technology entrepreneurship. Villanueva, who recently unveiled a $2.5-million angel fund to help local IT start-ups, said the country has a huge pool of talented developers but the ?structural framework? required to support an ICT ecosystem is broken. She noted, for instance, the country?s education system which does not push or foster creativity and technology entrepreneurship. ?There could also a lot of IT success stories out there that could inspire young people, but the media has also not carried them,? said Villanueva as she urged the media to highlight more IT achievements on the local front. Among local start-ups, she said everybody is doing the improbable task of trying to become the next Facebook. ?What we should do is to build apps on top of Facebook,? Villanueva said. For Ideaspace and Kickstart Ventures — the incubator firms of telco rivals Smart Communications and Globe Telecom, respectively ? both agreed that aside from the funding, start-ups need to have a support network that will allow them to thrive and become successful. Also at the Cyberpress forum, ICTO (Information and Communications Technology Office) deputy executive director Alejandro ?Buds? Melchor III revealed that the government is currently crafting an IT entrepreneurship program that is slated to be rolled out soon. Local start-ups By Implication and HobbyMash, which have gotten funding from the local telcos, were also at the forum.]]>

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