Are women more into social media than men?

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By Cristina Musngi Whether we like it or not, interaction in our society has changed because of the social media phenomenon. Facebook is the top of mind of everyone when we say social networking. Being the most popular and common form of social media nowadays, Facebook has become a daily routine and has been one of the best ways to reach and interact with people. Check out some online habits of people nowadays and do a self-check. Have fun as you continue reading.

? You wake up in the morning and first thing you do is log on to your Facebook account. ? When you arrive at the office or school, you log on again. ? Once logged in, while working, your FB page remains ?minimized? so that no one would notice and then you check updates once in a while every time you have a chance. ? Within an 8-hour period, your Facebook wall has updated status and applications you just used three or more times. ? You post picture of what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, somewhere, with someone all the time. ? You post ?jump shots? and other clich? poses whenever you have a photo op at famous landmarks/places. ? You post vague status message that only your ?bff? can decipher. And the next thing is, a friend will post back an ?I-know-what-exactly-you-mean? type of message. ? You often post pictures of you wearing your party dress or new outfit with a variety of poses and angles. ? You never fail to use the ?check-in? feature every time you are at a certain hot spot. ? You always have an exchange of conversation with your friends such as the kind of ?we really need to catch up? thing or ?we really have to meet or have coffee somewhere? on your wall. How come you realized that you suddenly miss each other after a very long time? ? You sometimes post a one-liner or one-word status update to express your emotions and then suddenly, there you have it, 30 comments and 20 likes. ? You sometimes post a sad smiley or a happy smiley and one or two of your friends will always say ?awwww?, ?what happened?, ?everything will be alright? kind of comments.

If you smiled while reading these statements and majority of your answers are yes, then I guess you are a woman or a woman (by heart). Based on my observations some men find most of these habits annoying. Men (of course men by heart) have their own online habits they enjoy. Take a look at the list and see which are applicable to you.

? Most of the time, you only post pictures related to your hobbies, e.g. cars, bikes, gadgets, sexy ladies, sports, games and the likes. ? You also have subscriptions and groups membership to this ?hobbies-related? stuff. ? Status updates are very minimal. Skipping on the dates of posts/activities is very noticeable. ? You read status updates of other people but normally, you do not react publicly. You keep a mental note and criticize on your own. ? You read the news, check sports scores and gather information about it and watch a video. ? You stay updated on political news. ? You share very minimal information on your profile page.

The battle of sexes has raged for years. The fundamental difference of men and women is also naturally reflected in their social networking habits. Men tend to go online for entertainment and hunt for information while women, with their natural abilities to serve as ?connectors?, go online to interact and gather information to develop themselves and those around them. Could it really be true that women are bigger fans of social media than men? There are unwritten reasons like more of a ?girl talk or a girl thing? that makes social media more enticing for women than men. One reason for women?s interest in social media is its representation in one?s culture. Social media represents an identity which is innovative, progressive, contemporary, connected, translucent, and a little bit audacious. It is interactive in nature and increases access to information. This opportunity to level up their individuality, make social media more attractive for women than men. Women are more likely to connect with people they know and do not know than men. It provides opportunity to converse with people and entities like leaders, innovators, industry experts, politicians, family and friends. Social media creates valuable and personally rewarding relationships with people. This is another reason why women are engaging with social media. Another reason is more on the practical benefits that social media can offer. It helps improve a woman?s quality of life. Social media provides information and updated news which helps in decision making process. For some, it also adds convenience to work especially when communication is involved. Nowadays, social media is widely used as marketing medium and also for online business. Social media provides an efficient and convenient way to manage relationships and juggle other responsibilities at the same time. Women are emotional by nature. They feel the need to express themselves as often as they feel it. They want to get noticed and attract attention. Social media is a mode for expression of ideas and emotions. The emotional fulfillment that social media can offer makes it likely that women will not only continue to engage with it but with its future innovations as well. At this moment, you are probably assessing that the emotional and practical benefits of social media that makes it enticing for women could be enticing for some men too. Well, these reasons explain, at least in part why more women are engaging to social media than men. Let me flash some statistics to show a brief background on social media status in terms of gender distribution. Based on gathered data on gender distribution among Facebook users per country, the majority of Facebook users in the US, UK, Brazil, South Africa, Australia and of course the Philippines are indeed women. The Philippines, being tagged as the ?Social Networking Capital of the World? has a total of approximately 30 million Facebook users in the last 6 months and this make up 31 percent of the total population. 17 million of these are female. With a current population growth rate of 1.9 percent, total population of the country is forecasted to reach 121 million by the end of 2012. Based on XMG Global?s conservative estimate the population of Facebook users will reach 40 million, wherein 22 million are female. With all the technological updates and innovations, social media will continue to find a way to reach people and expand its influence. This trend is expected to continue in the coming years, unless there will be a new feature or a new medium where men will be more enticed to express themselves. Let us just wait and see if men can pick up on it as quickly as women. When social media has just started, people suddenly realized, women in particular, that they now have a chance to express themselves, connect with each other, build relationships, communicate to all kinds of people, financial assistance, business opportunity and easiest way to access the world. These are the major reasons why people most especially women will continuously be a part of the growing population of social media followers. With this, if I may say? count me in. The author is the statistician/research analyst of ICT think-tank XMG Global]]>

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