New version of SmartNet unveiled

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High on the list of goodies is ?Headlines.? More than just an aggregator, Headlines collects news and arranges them to look and read like a magazine. Users can include feeds from their favorite entertainment, fashion, sports, technology, and deals websites. They can read the full story simply by clicking on the tile. Speaking of deals websites, Smart has partnered with Ensogo Philippines to alert SmartNet users of the latest must-haves and must-dos around town. Simply click on the Ensogo tile. Next, there?s the beefed-up list of ?Emojis? emoticons, which users can use to make posts look more fun. Users have over 100 fun faces to choose from. Swiping between Facebook, Twitter, and SmartNet feeds is now also possible. Users can simply slide their finger to the left or to the right of the screen to view individual feed columns?swipe all the way to the left to view the combined feed. Finally, a subscription menu for the most popular prepaid packages has been included. Smart Prepaid users can avail of their prepaid variants by simply picking and clicking. There are now about 300,000 SmartNet users ? a threefold increase from last February. A number of tweaks have also made SmartNet faster and more stable, according to Smart Head of Products Gio Bacareza. ?We?re catering to users who, according to our data, are three times more likely to pay for Mobile Internet use outside of the SmartNet ecosystem,? he said. ?They either click on links their Twitter contacts recommended or view photos and videos posted on Facebook.? With such a tech-savvy user base, Bacareza reveals that the next version of SmartNet will boast of a zippier registration process, a friend finder app, and an achievements feature similar to Foursquare?s ?badges? or accomplishments system. He adds that the Windows Mobile and iOS versions of SmartNet have also been submitted for approval to the Windows MarketPlace and to the Apple Store, respectively, thus potentially expanding the service?s reach within the next few weeks. ]]>

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