HP touts storage architecture, scoffs at EMC

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Charles Ty, category manager for storage at HP Philippines, said in a press briefing that existing enterprise storage technologies such as those deployed by EMC are ?overly complex, underutilized, hard to manage, and too costly?. In contrast, Ty said HP?s ?Converged Storage? strategy makes use of a modern storage and data protection architecture that is far efficient and designed to address today?s IT challenges such as big data. In particular, the executive highlighted the features of the new HP 3PAR and HP StoreOnce storage offerings, which he said have posted a 100-percent year-on-year growth over the last six quarters. 3PAR is a California-based manufacturer of disk array (disk storage system with multiple disk drives) which HP bought in 2010. StoreOnce, on the hand, is HP?s brand for back-up storage. According to Ty, 3PAR has been the fastest growing high-end platform in the market and is now HP?s largest array product line. StoreOnce, meanwhile, has transformed the back-up segment and has taken deduplication lead among the current storage vendors, Ty claimed. In storage, deduplication refers to eliminating duplicate or redundant data. In a bold offensive not usually seen in the local IT scene, Ty took aim at storage firm EMC, saying the company?s deduplication technology has failed. Ty said EMC?s Avamar, Data Domain, and Networker product lines have an archaic deduplication feature since they have ?incompatible technologies, multiple dedupe/cycles, complex to manage, limited performance and scale, and risk[y] due to lack of high availability?. He said that with HP StoreOnce, companies can ?recover more in one day? compared with ?one work week with EMC?. According to Ty, HP has a multi-year advantage over its competitors because of its federated deduplication engine. Ty said HP has poured tremendous resources on developing its back-up storage solutions since they go hand in hand with its strategy to dominate the overall storage market.]]>

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