ICT-focused national disaster mitigation system to be unveiled

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Called Noah or the National Operational Assessment of Hazards and Risks, the program is designed to help key agencies and personalities make informed decisions to save lives and properties. ?The Noah Project will enable the government to address the serious challenges brought by extreme hazard events,? DOST secretary Mario Montejo said. ?We will apply advanced S&T tools, such as enhanced vulnerability maps and a shortened six-hour monitoring and warning system for communication along the major river basins.? Noah will have seven components that will address major needs in various disaster situations. These include Hydromet sensors development, Dream-Lidar, FloodNnet, hazards information media, landslide hazards mapping, Doppler system development, and storm surge inundation mapping. With the DOST on the lead, Noah brings together experts from 21 institutions in close collaboration, including DOST?s Pagasa, Phivolcs, Advanced Science and Technology Institute, and Science and Technology Information Institute; the Department of Interior and Local Government, and University of the Philippines National Institute of Geological Sciences. In a country where typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions often occur, some of them highly-destructive, the Noah project is being touted as a helpful tool much like Noah?s ark in biblical times. ?This project is so far the most advanced measure implemented by the government in disaster mitigation,? added Montejo. ]]>

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