E-trikes to cut transport sector?s gas use by 561,000 barrels

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The DOE said this can be achieved by replacing 100,000 gasoline-fed tricycle units with energy-efficient e-trikes. The project is also expected to boost the income of e-trike drivers through savings in fuel cost and create local jobs from the establishment of companies that manufacture e-trikes and associated after-sales services. The DOE said there is also no basis for the fears of stakeholders that the introduction of e-trikes will put an additional burden on the supply of electricity due to increase in demand. The agency said e-trikes will be charged during low peak hours or in the evenings, which contributes to higher utilization of available generation capacities. In the case of off-grid areas, e-trike electricity requirements will be sourced from solar-powered charging stations, thus contributing further to a cleaner environment. The e-trike project will put the Philippines at the forefront in terms of efficient, environment-friendly, and sustainable transport system. ]]>

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