Intel rolls out new quad-core chip family in PH

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[/caption] Local Intel officials, along with Leighton Philips, director for product management pricing at Intel Asia Pacific, led the glitzy launch of the new processors at the Rockwell compound in Makati City Executives from mobile computer firms were also present at the event to assure that the new Intel Core processors will be available soon in the market, particularly in Ultrabook devices. Intel said the 3-D tri-gate transistor technology and architectural enhancements help make possible up to double the 3-D graphics and HD media processing performance compared with Intel?s previous generation of chips. The performance gains found in the new processors are due in part to the three-dimensional structure of the new Intel transistors, the company said. ?Until today, computers, servers and other devices have used only two-dimensional planar transistors. Adding a third dimension to transistors allows Intel to increase transistor density and put more capabilities into every square millimeter of these new processors,? it said. Intel engineers also reworked the graphics architecture of the 3rd generation Intel Core processors. Changing the chips? architecture while at the same time shrinking the size of the underlying transistors is an acceleration of Intel?s ?tick-tock? model, it said. Previously, the company adhered to a strict ?tick-tock? model in which a new manufacturing process was introduced in one year (the ?tick?), and the architecture of the chip (the ?tock?) was altered the next. The ability to accelerate the roadmap and change both the chips? architecture and the manufacturing process at the same time was made possible because Intel is one of the few companies that both designs and manufactures its chips, a method called Integrated Device Manufacturing. The 3rd generation Intel Core processor with Intel HD Graphics 4000 claims to delivers up to two times better 3-D graphics performance compared to the previous-generation processor. The Intel HD Graphics 4000 also supports Microsoft DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL 1.1. Intel said platforms based on processors also deliver faster data transfer capabilities made possible by USB 3.0 integrated into the Series 7 Platform Controller Hub (PCH) and PCI Express 3.0 integrated into the processor. These next-generation I/O technologies bring bigger data pipes to the platform to keep data moving, minimizing any interruption to the PC experience, it said. ]]>

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