DLSU puts 103 e-books on online retail platform

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Some of DLSU’s e-book are now available at Flipreads and will soon be available through other retailers. Flipreads serves as online distribution platform for Filipino and Asian publishers, authors, and other content providers. ?e-Books are convenient because you can store hundreds to a thousand books in one device. But one of the most empowering things about it is that when an e-book in sold online, they can be accessed and read by almost anyone in the world,? said Honey de Peralta, VP and general manager of Flipside Publishing Services. Aside from Flipside Publishing Services, which operates Flipreads, DLSU has partnered with other publishers for the project such as Anvil Publishing, C&E Publishing, Central Book Supply, and Vibal Foundation. Current eBook titles include Ms. Philippines by Isagani Cruz, Tales for a Rainy Night by Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo, and Stories by Cirilo F. Bautista. ]]>

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