With record-high sales, Acer PH expands product lines

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According to Acer Philippine country manager Manuel Wong, research firm IDC again ranked the company as the top PC brand in the country for the first quarter of the year with a record-high market share. ?Our market share in the mobile computer segment is around 40 percent, an all-time high for the company,? Wong said in an interview, recalling the IDC report showed to him by his executives. ?Our share for the combined desktop and laptop market is around 25 percent, which is also a record-high for us.? The official admitted that sales went down in the fourth quarter of last year when tablets made a strong showing. But the overall computer market has since rebounded, he said. As for the recently launched Surface tablet of its software partner Microsoft, Wong said it remains to be seen whether or not Microsoft would sustain it. ?Probably, Microsoft is just experimenting and wants to see if can drive the sales of its touchscreen software by itself. But we?re using their software and it?s good,? said Wong, adding he does not see its software partner as a hardware rival. [cincopa A8HAf7KokqFl] With computer sales back on track, the Taiwan-based tech firm is hoping that its sleek Ultrabook line, as well as other computer products, will sustain its momentum. Its new flagship unit, the Aspire S5, is touted as the world’s thinnest Ultrabook at 11-mm thin and weighs only at 1.3 kg. With Intel?s 3rd generation chip inside it, the S5 has an ?instant on? functionality that allows the computer to resume from sleep in less than 1.5 seconds. It also feature the MagicFlip I/O port panel, concealed just below the hinge, which?with one press of the MagicFlip key?activates a selection of data ports that includes HDMI, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, and the Thunderbolt I/O. But perhaps the most interesting feature of the S5 is a security and protection tool called Acer Theft Shield, which sends a message and sounds off an alarm whenever an unidentified person attempts to move the notebook. At the event, the company also announced Acer Cloud, an unlimited service that comes free with certain Acer products. ]]>

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