Security breach is top cause of data loss in PH

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[/caption] The result may have been partly due to the vicious cyberwar between the Philippines and China since the survey was conducted over the last two months when the two countries sparred over the ownership of the Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea or South China Sea. The study, which was undertaken by research firm VansonBourne for EMC, covered countries in Asia Pacific and Japan. Around 250 private and public sector organizations from each of the Southeast Asian nations, including the Philippines, took part in the survey. Shane Moore, director for APJ at EMC?s backup and recovery systems division, said during a press briefing on Wednesday, June 20, that he was not aware of the cyberwar but this could have been a factor why Philippine firms ranked hacking as the top cause for data loss. Unlike the Philippines, security breach came out only fifth among causes of data loss for other Asean countries. The top four were data corruption, hardware failure, loss of power, and software failure. For the Philippines, the other top causes were software failure, hardware failure, user error, and data corruption. The survey also found that 86 percent of companies in Philippines are not very confident that they can fully recover systems or data in the event of a disaster, and that 74 percent of Philippine organizations lost data or suffered systems downtime in the last 12 months. In the survey, 26 percent of businesses also said they increased their spending on backup and recovery after a disaster. This is against a backdrop where 35 percent of Philippine organizations surveyed did not feel they were spending enough on backup and recovery. On average, the research found that businesses across the region are Philippines spending 0.9 percent of their IT budgets on backup and recovery.]]>

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