?No way to upgrade except via virtualization?

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[/caption] Philam Life, which is marking its 65th anniversary this year, said in a customer testimonial that it has already deployed virtualization software across its vast IT infrastructure. ?There is no other way for companies today to upgrade their systems without spending more except through virtualization,? Romy Cambaliza, chief information officer of Philam Life, said during a recent roadshow sponsored by VMware. Cambaliza said Philam has virtualized its data center infrastructure on VMware vSphere, allowing the company to achieve a lower total cost of ownership by minimizing unnecessary IT infrastructure investments. ?With full control over the availability, reliability, scalability, and security over our IT infrastructure, we are also more responsive to the needs of the business,? Cambaliza added. As described in wikipedia, virtualization allows several operating systems to run in parallel on a single central processing unit (CPU), reducing overhead costs. It differs from multitasking, which involves running several programs on the same OS. [caption id="attachment_2891" align="alignright" width="167" caption="Robertson"][/caption] Currently, the virtualization space is dominated by VMware whose market share is around 84 percent. Although technically owned by storage giant EMC, VMware maintains its own staff in the Philippines. A Singaporean, Nicholas Tan, serves as head of field sales for VMware in the Philippines. However, Filipino IT veteran Manny Portugal, who carries the title as channels manager, is seen as the de facto country manager for the local office. Jon Robertson, general manager of VMware in Asean, said virtualization is the technical foundation for cloud computing, and should therefore be tapped by customers aiming to transform their data centers into cloud computing infrastructures. ]]>

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