Review: Symantec tries to outdo itself with new Norton 360 v6

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By Jan Richard Renes Product: Norton 360 v6 by Symantec Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Security threats today are just as common as people owning their own computers or laptops. But, that doesn?t mean we?ll just allow these threats to wreak havoc on our IT systems (and not to mention our privacy). Being constantly connected online makes matters worse since most, if not all threats, are spread through the Internet. Good thing there are a lot of computer security solutions in the market. The only problem is, which one to choose from among the plethora of choices available that includes even the free ones. One of these security offerings is the Norton 360 from California-based tech firm Symantec, which released it last February 2012. The sixth iteration of Norton 360 includes a slew of new features such as Parental Control, tighter security, snappier performance, PC tune-up, online backups, and power-saving modes for netbooks and laptops. Installation: The first thing that you?ll notice is the surprisingly quick and easy installation process. Even with relatively old hardware, or a budget netbook, installation and set-up will only take around 5 to 10 minutes, and it won?t ask you about personal details — just your name and email address. Installation of Norton 360 v6?s components surprisingly doesn?t load up your computer with unusable bloatware. It just has one main interface, without the unnecessary clutter found in other computer security suites. User Interface: Norton 360 v6?s user interface is easy to use, with set-up and scanning options that are easy to find, use, and understand. You have options to scan, back up, tune-up, and manage your identity protection. The home screen also shows you immediately if you?re protected from threats. The tasks tab also gives all the special features available exclusively on the Norton 360 v6. Scan Performance: Scanning has slightly improved from the previous versions of Norton 360, and is a definite improvement from the countless free anti-virus programs available online. Unlike free anti-virus suites, Norton 360v6 doesn?t eat too much of your PC?s resources when you conduct a full scan. There are no noticeable lags even with multiple programs running together with the full scan. Extra Features: Apart from the basic features of Norton, this new version of the 360 features improved online security protection from identity theft, phishing, adwares, and pesky malwares. You can also integrate Norton with your Outlook email client to add protection from spam emails, and filtering your address book from your own configurable exclusion list. Norton 360v6 also features a new parental control software, the Norton Online Family, that lets you monitor your child?s Internet usage and safety. This feature makes sure that you can let your children enjoy the benefits of the Internet, while monitoring their usage for signs of online threats. RAM Impact: Being an all-around security solution, you?d expect that Norton 360v6 will eat up a lot of resource on your already burdened hardware. But the engineers at Symantec really made sure that your precious RAM is not hogged by the program. Recommended RAM requirement is only 512 MB, which is low compared to other security suites. And it only uses 300 MB of hard disk space for the software itself. In sum, Norton 360 v6 is a feature-rich, all-around computer security suite. The simple UI will attract novice computer users, but may be a turn-off for people who want a more advanced and customizable security suite. This program benefits from Symantec?s position as one of the biggest computer security providers in the world. But it may also be its weak spot, as malwares often target the big names such as Symantec. However, with the company?s 24/7 protection, and constant updates, this threat is not really much of a concern. On the other hand, the Norton 360 v6?s price can be seen as prohibitive, especially in a country as price sensitive as the Philippines. A package will make set you back by P3,000. However, with three PC licenses included, you get bang for the buck since you can use it on separate devices. ]]>

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