Smart sees cloud boom with LTE

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Lloyd Manaloto, Smart broadband Internet and data services head, said cloud services are quickly gaining mainstream acceptance around the world as major mobile operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows offer cloud-based services to their users. Apple, for example, has integrated its proprietary iCloud backup technology to all devices running the latest versions of its OS. Android and Windows are offering the same services with Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive, respectively. ?We are creating more data than what can be stored in just a single memory card or hard drive, which is why being able to store and access everything online is such an attractive proposition,? said Manaloto. ?Cloud technology is the future of mobility and for you to fully enjoy its benefits, you need a high-speed connection like Smart LTE,? he said. In a round of beta tests earlier this year, Smart said its LTE network has been proven to deliver speeds of over 100Mbps, making it ideal for transferring and downloading large files such as video from the Web. Because of its latency, LTE will also make possible large-scale multi-player games on mobile. ?With LTE, accessing software and services on the Web will be as quick as when you open files or programs stored locally in your computer?s hard drive,? Manaloto said. ?LTE?s low latency also ensures a reliable connection comparable to that of a high-speed wired connection such as DSL,? he added. With its P67.1 billion network upgrade now on the final stages of optimization, Smart, together with parent company PLDT, is ready to back up LTE technology with a network that includes over 50,000 kilometers of fiber optic cabling and the latest Single Radio Access Network located across the country. ?With the infrastructure set, LTE is ready for deployment,? said Manaloto. ?Expect our commercial offering to come out soon.? ]]>

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