Gov?t eyeing gaming for leadership dev?t

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[/caption] Alejandro Melchor III, deputy executive director at the Information and Communications Technology Office (ICTO) of the Department of Science and Technology, said in a presentation that the government is looking at funding a pilot project for online gaming for leadership development, as well as a parallel research project to validate its effect. ?We encourage interested government agencies and donor organizations to fund Filipino game developers to develop localized serious games,? Melchor stated. Melchor said the computer gaming is now increasingly viewed as an effective tool to develop 21st century business leaders, noting that millions of computer gamers interact in massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs). ?These virtual environments mirror the 21st century business environment to a surprising degree, and the skills required are similar to the leadership skills coveted by the 21st century business enterprise,? he said. The ICTO official said leaders who emerge from MMORPGs ?are capable of recruiting, organizing, motivating and directing large groups of players to a common goal.? He said there are also anecdotal evidence that suggest real learning can take place in gaming as in the case in the game EVE Online, which involves setting up corporations with the goal of dominating the market. Melchor said the game has attracted CEOs, city traders, MBA holders, and economists to learn hard financial lessons they can take in the real world. ?Computer games provide numerous opportunities for leadership practice. Leadership in games happens fast. It is often temporary, and mission based. It encourages risk taking,? he said. ?It?s easier to recover from failures in games, and trial and error becomes a preferred strategy. Players can?s win unless their team wins,? he added. ]]>

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