Service allows Internet users to earn from e-mail, surfing

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Called ?EarnMailer? and ?EarnSurfer?, the twin products enable local Internet users to cash in on their social digital interactions without much effort. The first offering, the EarnMailer, allows e-mail users to earn from their outgoing e-mails by saving an ad on the e-mail signature. Once the ad is saved on the e-mail signature, all the member’s outgoing e-mails will display an ad. A member earns every time an e-mail recipient opens his or her e-mail displaying the ad or clicks on the ad (depending on the package an advertiser availed). A member earns per view if the advertiser availed of CPM (cost per impression)-based advertising and earns per click of advertiser availed of CPC (cost per click)-based advertising. The second product, launched recently, is dubbed EarnSurfer, which allows Internet users to earn while browsing the Internet. A member just needs to install EarnSurfer on his browser and once installed, the EarnSurfer bar will appear on top of the browser webpage where ads will automatically be displayed while he or she surf various websites. In EarnSurfer, a member earns from ads being displayed on the EarnSurfer bar while he or she is browsing the Internet. He or she earns per ad view if an advertiser placed CPM-based ads and earns per click if an advertiser placed CPC-based ads. EarnMailer and EarnSurfer are handled locally by Hatchd Digital, a local online technology marketing firm. Both brands, however, are owned by Ion Cloud Technologies, a Hong Kong-based company that is registered in the British Virgin Islands. According to Hatchd Digital, as new Earn products get introduced, Internet users will be able to monetize a wider range of daily online activities and on several platforms and devices. The company said it is sign up more members in the new few months since a recent Nielsen report has indicated that Filipino consumers are the second heaviest users of the Internet in terms of number of hours spent online each week, averaging 21.5 hours per week, next to Singaporeans at 25 hours. In the same report, it was revealed that e-mail remains the most popular activity in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Members of EarnMailer and EarnSurfer earn cash or pre-paid load. They also have the option to donate their earnings to charitable and non-profitable organizations. Members can log in to EarnMailer and EarnSurfer to check their earnings online, convert their earnings to pre-paid load, edit account information, update their PayPal information, refer friends to EarnMailer, among other things. EarnMailer’s refer-a-friend program allows members to earn equivalent to 10 percent of what their friends earn for one year. Currently, EarnMailer and EarnSurfer have more than 160,000 members in the Philippines. Close to a million worth of pre-paid load has been paid out to these members, the company said. So far, EarnMailer users are composed slightly more of females, with those belonging to the 18-25 years old bracket dominating the membership base. ]]>

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