After call centers, DTSI goes into ?smart connected communities?

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[/caption] According to executives, the services combine technology and real estate applications, devices, and services in the cloud to increase efficiencies and to reduce costs. The new offering addresses key concerns for both building owners and occupants, according to Miguel Garcia, DTSI president and CEO. ?These services transform physical communities into connected communities and the traditional work area to an efficient, multi-site, productive workplace with managed costs and a safe, secure environment. They also generate savings and new revenue opportunities that accompany environmental sustainability,? he said. For owners, SCBCS provide reduced capital expenditure over the service life of the facility, as well as lower operational expenses, Garcia added. As a result of lower costs, building owners enjoy increased margins when setting lease rates. In buildings with SCBCS, energy, security, networks, fire, Wi-Fi, and environmental systems all converge in one system, so that events are seamlessly and immediately reflected in all support systems, the company said. ?As a result, business support systems quickly address any event ? power or network interruption, security break, or fire ? and respond to alleviate any threat,? said Garcia. ?But the principal benefit is the assurance of smooth operations with SCBCS in the background, almost like an autopilot guiding building managers and personnel and people working in the building through the business day or night.? For its new offering, DTSI has tapped tech giant Cisco Systems, which has operates a program called Community+Connect that connects homes, schools, transportation, and the like. ]]>

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