Economic sluggishness catches up with APeJ PC market

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Economic distractions and a consequent pull-back in spending across consumers and enterprises caught the market by surprise, with most major markets in the region recording a decline. “Ongoing turbulence in western economies has finally caught up with markets in this part of the world as well, with distractions from competing product categories like smartphones and tablets not helping matters either,” said Avinash K. Sundaram, market analyst for Asia-Pacific client devices research at IDC. “However, the region?s PC market should still close out the year with positive growth, particularly as vendors continue to target the under-penetrated markets, while sustained public sector IT spending further helps support it.” Lenovo bounced back from its seasonal Lunar New Year lows in China this quarter by filling its channels there, while ongoing shipments for a large education notebook project in India further helped the vendor. Dell had a quiet quarter, as the vendor continued to reinvent itself as a solution provider, prioritizing margins over unit share. HP dropped again in China this quarter after a brief recovery in Q1, which affected its overall regional performance as well. Asus continued to march ahead in the Asean region, while also making inroads in India, though it could not overcome the sluggishness in China. ]]>

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