Skullcandy expands color-coded product lines in PH

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It was a generation of colorful headphones, in which Skullcandy called a rebellion, a lifestyle that evoked choice, youth, and character. Reverence for the iconic skull is strong, which is why the audio brand stepped up its game with new and improved audio products in unmistakable style and exceptional performance. ?We?re not only selling headphones. It is about a lifestyle, and it is about experiencing it. We at Skullcandy believe every generation needs a soundtrack, and we?re owning it,? says Anil Menghrajani, president of Rains International Corporation, Skullcandy?s local distributor. ?We?re here to prove that Skullcandy is here to stay and our audio products are better than ever ? quality sound and performance and a more defined style for the Filipino music crowd,? he added. [cincopa A4KAM66j8rW8] The brand revealed the new colors of the Skullcandy products, which is now available in the market. The same models, with next-generation level of performance are back — Agent, G.I, Uprock, SK Pro, Hesh, TI Tokidoki, Lowrider, and Icon 2 headphones, as well in its earphones selection. Skullcandy products include earphones and earbuds, on-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones, and they now come with better cables, and optimum sound experience. ]]>

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