Davao initiative is IBM?s global flagship project

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At a recent press luncheon, IBM Philippines country general manager Mariels Almeda-Winhoffer said the Davao undertaking is a worldwide flagship project of the company for the ?public safety and security? program of the tech giant?s Smarter Planet initiative. ?This is really a big project for us,? Almeda-Winhoffer, the first female chief of the IBM subsidiary, in the luncheon she and other top executives hosted for the local tech media in Quezon City. Almeda-Winhoffer, who relocated to the Philippines from the global headquarters in the US, said the Philippines is in the middle of an economic boom — in complete contrast to the malaise currently afflicting most Western countries. She said the Philippines, along with Turkey and Indonesia, is now collectively called TIP, which is the smaller counterpart of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). ?I came back to the Philippines because I don?t want to shy away from the opportunities that are coming in this part of the world,? said Almeda-Winhoffer, when asked why she relocated to the country. As for the Davao project, the company said the implementation will help the city scale up its existing Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) by integrating city operations into a single system. Using IBM?s Intelligent Operations Center (IOC), the PSSCC will have a centralized dashboard view that will allow the city to monitor events and operations in real time. This comprehensive view will enable officials to better predict and plan for potential issues. To enable Davao?s smarter city transformation, the IOC will integrate multiple city agencies in the PSSCC to improve interdepartmental collaboration and enhance the management of Davao?s four pillars of public safety: crime prevention and suppression; emergency response; threat prevention and response; and traffic management. To address the unique needs of Davao, the IOC solution is integrated with advanced technologies such as video analytics software, multi-channel unified communication and Global Positioning System (GPS) location tracking. It will also provide Davao?s PSSCC with capabilities including:

? A single operational platform which will enable coordination between Davao City agencies involved in responding to public safety incidences. The platform will enable PSSCC to monitor and respond to a wide range of safety related incidences from a central location. ? Real time situational awareness through Geographic Information System (GIS), video feeds and GPS-enabled patrolling vehicles. Using IBM Business Partner Unified Edge’s Radio Connect for Sametime technology, the PSSCC team will be able to coordinate the city’s multiple communications channels including radios, phones, videos and instant messaging to ensure seamless collaboration with first responders and speed incident response time. ? Standard operating procedures defined for different public safety incidences that will improve the overall operational efficiency. ? Video analytics capabilities that will enhance the ability to track traffic and monitor events at important public venues like city hall, the airport and malls. ? An ?early warning system? that monitors Key Risk Indicators (KRI) and allows the city to take action in a collaborative manner. ? A simplified dashboard view for executives to help measure the performance of public safety operations with Key Performance Indicators (KPI).


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