Gamers get chance to conserve sharks with new puzzle game

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From July 19 until August 18, advocates for the fight against the sale, trade, and distribution of shark fins can show their support by signing a pledge and/or donating money to WildAid as a part of the popular physics-based puzzle game, Shark Dash. Shark Dash has a cartoon-style design starring lovable toy sharks and a series of wacky and mischievous rubber ducks. Users will be able to contribute to shark conservation through new exclusive content made available in the game, notably a new ?Fintastic? skin for Sharkee. Google Play users, specifically, will also be given the option to purchase the skin for $0.99, $4.99, or $24.99 (depending on how much they would like to donate). ?As Sharkee has quickly become a favorite character among both Gameloft fans and employees alike, it seems only right that he also becomes a spokesman for a global issue currently affecting his species,? said Gonzague de Vallois, SVP of publishing for Gameloft. ?For that reason, Gameloft is thrilled to be able to partner with strong brands such as Discovery Channel and WildAid, who are both advocates for the cause and saving such a beautiful species from further endangerment.? As shark finning has dramatically increased over the course of the last decade, an even more urgent need for a solution has emerged. Today, the unregulated shark fin trade poses one of the most severe threats to the world?s shark populations ? with up to 73 million sharks harvested annually to meet the rapidly growing demand for shark fin soup. Through the partnership, WildAid will be able to use the funds raised towards reducing the demand for shark fin soup through their global public awareness campaign and educational initiatives. ?With the drastic decline in shark populations, it has become imperative that we reverse this trend by reducing demand for products derived from these magnificent creatures,? added Peter Knights, co-founder of WildAid. ?We are thrilled to partner with Gameloft and Discovery Channel, two brands that have successfully brought sharks into mainstream popular culture and are using their respective platforms to encourage shark conservation and marine stewardship.? Shark Dash is currently available on Google Play & the App Store. For more information about shark finning and how you can join in on the fight against it, visit Discovery Channel?s Shark Week is cable?s longest-running programming event and will celebrate its 25th anniversary with eight all-new specials beginning Sunday, August 12. ]]>

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