iPhone is top smartphone in mobile ad monetization

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The finding indicates that devices with better usability (i.e., larger screen size, touch-screen) and those with features that allow more interaction between the advertisement and the device?s functionality (e.g., click to call, expand, play video) have better monetization potential than less capable and less user-friendly devices. For example, HTML5 Canvas, the mobile-friendly browser feature that specialist developers use to build stunning animations and full-screen rich-media overlays, relies on iOS Safari 3.2 and Android 2.1 or above to run. ?We also see the importance of device market share in encouraging advertisers to target particular devices. Windows phones have most if not all of the advanced features of Android and iPhones, but low levels of user adoption stifle its performance,? the report said. Further illustrating this point is the high eCPM achieved by iPad. Delivering an average eCPM of $3.96 across the Opera mobile ad platform, iPad epitomizes the user-friendly device with large, touch-screen interactivity, as well as other features that enhance the user experience. The iPad is also achieving significant user adoption in user groups that are highly desirable to advertisers. For example, 40 percent of physicians own or plan to own an iPad or tablet by the end of 2012, according to Nielsen projections. So far, in 2012 Apple iOS has delivered a clear majority of rich media ad impressions compared to Android devices. However, regardless, of the OS rich media has shown to always drive better customer engagement. In fact, leveraging the native functions of mobile devices ? such as sophisticated HTML and camera interfaces ? has been shown to have a direct correlation to time spent interacting with the ad unit. For instance, according to Opera?s Rich Media Index, 66 percent of users that click through to a video will complete that interaction, with an average dwell time of 52 seconds. Photo-taking capabilities warrant an even higher dwell time (1 min 25 secs), and about half of consumers will continue to interact with the ad post-click. Advertisers are sitting up and taking note of the return on investment of rich media in mobile. From January to June 2012, the number of standard and expandable banner executions diminished, while HTML5 rich media and video ad executions increased. Among all publisher categories, business and finance generates more revenue per impression than other publisher category. ?We see this trend continuing in the near term, while remaining optimistic about social networking as a revenue driver over the long term,? the report said. The United States and Canada generate the majority of ad requests, with 73 percent of the global total. US eCPM is also the highest ($1.98), closely followed by the EU5 ($1.94) ? and both top the global average of $1.90. ]]>

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