PH solar car gets charge controller from Schneider

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[/caption] Leepad 2, the second such car developed by students and faculty from AdU?s Electrical Engineering (EE) department, was launched last June 26. Leepad 2 is the successor of Leepad, the original hybrid solar energy-powered car developed by Adamson?s EE students. Now a four-wheeled vehicle from the previous three wheels, the car runs on electric propulsion and can run continuously for five to six hours at speeds of 20 to 40 kilometers per hour. It has more solar panels than Leepad and can be charged through the usual home outlets or by parking it under sunlight. It has a passenger capacity of four to five persons including the driver. The solar car get is power from two big boosters: an MCU-based charging station developed by computer engineering students and the charge controller from Schneider. The acquisition of the Xantrex XW MPPT Solar Charge Controller, developed by Schneider Electric Philippines, enhances Leepad 2 by allowing the team to track and regulate the maximum electrical power point of the photovoltaic array to deliver the maximum available current for its batteries, thus prolonging Leepad 2?s battery life. ]]>

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