Cloud provider touts PH base as main edge

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DataOne Asia president and CEO yril Rocke DataOne Asia president and CEO yril Rocke[/caption] DataOne Asia Philippines, which was established as a data center hosting facility in 2000 by Singapore?s Keppel Group, officially unveiled its CloudSecure cloud solutions in a media luncheon at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel in Makati City. To show that its offerings and facilities are made of top-grade services and equipment, the company invited during the launch its blue-chip partners Cisco, Hitachi Data Systems, Microsoft, and VMware. Local telco Bayan Telecommunications was also at the event since the Lopez-owned carrier offers ?CloudSecure? as a cloud solution for its business clients. Cyril Rocke, president and chief executive officer of DataOne, said Bayan sells the same cloud services as the same prices as that given by DataOne. ?But, Bayan gets [the cloud services] from us at a discounted rate, so that?s how they earn,? Rocke said, when asked how the telco makes money from their partnership. ?Also, we are primarily targeting enterprises, while Bayan is eyeing SMEs in areas that we can?t reach,? he added. Rocke, a French expat, emphasized that DataOne?s cloud computing service is distinctly local because they are locally hosted and backed with local support. The company?s main data center is located at the Eastwood Cyberpark in Quezon City, with a back-up facility in a data center of another telco. This set-up, he stressed, is different from other cloud computing services offered by other firms, which he said are just mere distributors or resellers of foreign-hosted services such as Amazon Web Services or Google Apps. ?We?re also not into gaming because gaming eats a lot of resources. We?re focused on the computing needs of the business sector,? said Rocke, in an apparent allusion to cloud rival IP-Converge which owns online gaming firm e-Games. Rocke also raised the issue with regard to the legal effect of having data residing in an off-shore cloud. Bayan party-list representative Teddy Casino earlier filed a House resolution questioning the use by the Department of Budget of Management (DBM) of cloud-based Google Apps that is hosted in the US. The Google Apps services availed by the DBM was done through an agreement with IP-Converge. ?That?s one issue we don?t have with CloudSecure because our facilities are located here in the Philippines,? the IT executive said. Stephen Misa, country manager of Cisco Philippines, said the location of the cloud provider has become an important concern lately, with more local CTOs and CIOs now wanting to make sure that local support is available for their cloud computing needs. ?So I think DataOne is coming in at the right time, although we still have a lot to do in terms of educating the market on the benefits of cloud computing,? said Misa. Rocke said that based on research, companies are wasting huge money on their IT infrastructure when only 15 percent of its capacity are being utilized. ?It makes no sense to buy all those equipment and not use its entire capacity,? he said. ?Cloud computing has actually made it possible for a small company to have the same IT infrastructure being operated by large firms.? As a full-fledged cloud computing firm, DataOne said they offer a complete range of cloud services — from software-as-a-service (SaaS) to platform-as-a-service (PaaS) to infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), and even voice services on the cloud. So far, Rocke said they have signed up a government agency for its cloud services and a slew of local businesses, including Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation (FBDC).]]>

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