Malicious e-mails not from mining firm, says NBI

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The e-mails contained allegations that TVI Resources Development Philippines Inc. (TVIRD), which is associated with Canadian firm TVIRD Pacific, was committing illegal activities in Balabag, Zamboanga del Sur. Some of the e-mails, which were circulated late last year and early this year, contained bribing ranking officials of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and plot to murder local officials in the province. In a report dated July 13, 2012, the NBI said validated that the e-mails did not come from TVIRD, which was one of the first firms allowed by the government to conduct mining operations in the country. “The e-mails did not come from the authentic source (TVI) and are maliciously created,” the NBI said, through Francis V. Senora of its technical intelligence division. Aside from the NBI, TVIRD also sought the help of the Pacific Strategies and Assessments (PSA), an international private risk assessment and security agency to check the e-mails. Both the NBI and PSA noted defects in the e-mails including: inconsistencies between the graphic interface in the e-mail printouts and the actual e-mails from TVIRD from its e-mail system; differences in domain addresses used in fake e-mails with real TVIRD e-mails; grammatical errors and inconsistencies with date and time stamp format and other e-mail protocols. “We strongly deny involvement in this and any criminal acts. We are a legitimate, multi-million dollar publicly listed business. Our business practices here and in various parts of the world are beyond reproach,” former DENR secretary and TVIRD legal adviser Fulgencio Factoran said Monday, July 30. ]]>

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