Globe: We?ll bid for Cure?s 3G frequency

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surrendered by PLDT to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). Cure, short for Connectivity Unlimited Resource Enterprises, formally gave up one of its 3G frequencies to the NTC in compliance to the regulator?s conditions when it approved the PLDT-Digitel merger deal last year. Cure and all its remaining assets, including its congressional franchise and 10 megahertz 3G license, has been surrendered to the NTC for bidding. Now that the formal turnover has taken place, the NTC is set to conduct a competitive auction, allowing prospective buyers like Globe to bid for Cure?s 3G frequency bandwidth. ?We?ve been vocal about our interest to bid for Cure?s 3G spectrum as part of our drive to provide our subscribers with a better network, especially with the growth of smartphones and the explosion of mobile data use,? Froilan M. Castelo, head for corporate and legal services of Globe, said in a statement. ?We thank the NTC for closely monitoring post-merger activities and ensuring that all agreements have been fulfilled,? Castelo added. For his part, Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu said PLDT?s divestment of 3G frequencies is a welcome move. “The availability of more 3G frequency is an opportunity for Globe”, said Cu. ?This won’t be easy given the players involved but we’ll go for it,” Cu said. ]]>

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