PH prefers social media to monitor London Olympics

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The June poll also showed that women will be driving social media engagement around the sporting event. The poll data revealed that the Internet provided the most value as a source for live updates, with over half of respondents from Philippines and Malaysia attributing it as a preferred platform to extend the viewing experience of sporting events over other sources. Easy access to player information or schedules of play, ability to access repeated coverage, social sharing options and mobile access were also significant factors. Dinesh Arasaratnam, regional managing director for South East Asia (SEA) at Effective Measure, said, ?The Internet plays a huge role in enabling international viewers who are not able to visit London during the Games to still be part of the action ? be it through digital TV, social media or the various websites and online news portals covering the event.? ?The rising popularity of smartphones and tablets allows viewers in SEA to access live data and news as a value add to the main broadcast experience. Malaysian viewers in particular, indicated that mobile access gave the Internet the edge over other sources, reflecting that better bandwidth or an increase in Wi-Fi access points across the country can increase the extended engagement of live global events,? Arasaratnam said. The top three channels that South East Asians intended to use to comment on the Games were social media, traditional word-of-mouth (WOM) such as face to face interactions or phone conversations and SMS or email. Social media featured significantly across SEA, especially in Philippines (71 percent), where a majority of respondents stated that social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are their preferred communication channels to comment on sport-related news. Respondents across all four countries also shared the reasons why they would tune in to the Games. Supporting favorite sport stars rated highest with Malaysians and Indonesians at 34 percent and 42 percent respectively. In Philippines, the idea of being inspired while watching the Games is the most popular reason at 44 percent, while Thais believe that the Games is more exciting to watch compared to other programs at 26 percent. ?We look forward to seeing the metrics shift in online and offline media consumption patterns during the Games and how South East Asia will use social media and mobile to access and engage with the event and brands,? added Arasaratnam.]]>

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