Globe completes roll-out of GSIS automation kiosks project

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A GWAPS kiosk resembles an ATM and adopts technologies such as radio-frequency identification or RFID recognition, biometrics, and virtual private networks. The terminals are powered by Globe Business and allow GSIS members to carry out various transactions through the GWAPS, including loan applications and checking of personal records. GSIS also plans to deploy an additional 350 units within the year, including the rapid-deployment type, which can be quickly set up in typhoon-affected areas. In all, GWAPS kiosks in GSIS offices nationwide as well as in other government offices will number more than 1,000, ready to serve millions of government workers and pensioners when they perform transactions such as updating of personal records and loan applications. ?We are pleased to partner with Globe through the GWAPS kiosks project. Our 750 kiosks deployed across the country offer greater convenience to our 1.7 million members and pensioners. They can apply for their loans, check their records or request to update their accounts, without the need to visit our offices,? GSIS president and general manager Robert G. Vergara said. ]]>

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