Telecom grows global ad spend as durables, services decline

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According to a quarterly report of consumer research firm Nielsen, telecommunications companies invested 7.8 percent more in advertising at the beginning of this year than last year. Telecom was second only to distribution in terms of year-over-year growth (10.8 percent). The only two macro sectors to show declines in ad spending during the first quarter of 2012 were durables, including domestic appliances, furnishings and decoration, and information technology, and industry and services, which includes business services, property, institutions, and power and water. Together, these sectors account for more than 16 percent of all ad spend. Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) has the largest share of ad spend (23.4 percent), with entertainment a distant second (12.1 percent). Regionally, the story is quite different. Healthcare spending declined 3.6 percent in North America, for example, but grew 22.9 percent in the Middle East and Africa. Automotive ad spend grew 2.9 percent in North America and 13.3 percent in Latin America, yet decreased 0.7 percent in Asia Pacific and 0.2 percent in Europe. Financial grew the most in Middle East and Africa (9 percent) and North America (8.6 percent) but did experience growth, if nominal, in all regions. ]]>

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