Google, ITU team up to deliver free tech stats

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here. [caption id="attachment_3901" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Stats on the broadband adoption rate of various countries can be found on the site "][/caption] With the Google PDE, users can explore and visualize ITU?s key ICT statistical indicators from 1960 to 2011 (where data exists) for about 200 economies worldwide. Key indicators include fixed telephone, mobile cellular, fixed (wired) Internet, fixed (wired) broadband subscriptions, and penetration, as well as the percentage of individuals using the Internet. ITU statistics are recognized as the world?s most reliable and impartial global data on the state of the global ICT industry. They are used extensively by inter-governmental agencies, financial institutions, and private sector analysts worldwide. The Google Public Data Explorer platform enables quick search of statistics, and helps users quickly interpret data and statistics through rich visualizations. Using PDE, users can ?mash up? data using line graphs, bar graphs, maps and bubble charts. Visualizations are dynamic, allowing users to track trends over time. In addition, charts can easily be shared with friends or even embedded on a website or a blog. ?Teaming up with Google Public Data Explorer will greatly expand the reach and usability of ITU?s ICT statistics, making them more accessible and allowing users to explore and visualize ITU?s rich datasets,? said ITU secretary-general Hamadoun Tour?. ?For the first time, even non-experts will be able to quickly and easily create compelling charts and trends analysis that will enhance their work, and will also benefit others working to further develop the ICT sector worldwide.? As an example, using Google Public Data Explorer, a user could quickly find out that mobile cellular subscriptions reached almost 6 billion by end 2011 and visualize how this trend has developed over time, as well as in different countries around the world; or compare Internet penetration across countries; or learn that 30 million fixed (wired) broadband subscriptions were added in China in 2011 (accounting for about half of total subscriptions added worldwide).]]>

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