?Hackathon? to test Pinoy geeks in creating apps in 6 hours

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The event, which is presented by WebGeek Philippines, will challenge homegrown software talents to create a Web application in just six hours. Participants can form a duo, trio, or solo teams. All they need is a laptop and development tools and they?re good to go.

? Registration — Only registered teams will be only to compete. Participants must register as a team or individual and each group can be composed of three members maximum. Deadline for registration is August 15, 2012

? Languages and tools — Applications may be assembled using any mix of programming languages, application frameworks, and development tools. Participants are expected to bring the necessary tools to build their competition entry. Internet access via Wi-Fi will be provided.

? Hackathon procedure — Participants will be given six hours (1pm and must complete by 7:00pm) to develop a web app on the theme to be given that day. If the web app is not finished by the allotted time, the team should be able to explain how they would implement the technology for the unfinished parts, and how they intend to implement it technologically. Incomplete parts or projects may be represented by wire-frames or other plan documents.

? No offsite development — All development must be performed on-site between the aforementioned start and end times for the event. Teams are not allowed to re-purpose an existing app, add a feature, then present it as a hack.

? Judging —?The Web apps will be evaluated according to Quality of Software Development, User Interface, User Experience, Innovation, Ambition and Quality of Pitch. Teams will have a maximum of three minutes to demonstrate their running application to the judging panel and two minutes is allotted for the judges to ask questions about each app. Deliberation will commence after the presentations, and those who emerge victorious will be awarded starting at 11:00 PM.

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