Fortinet passes test for network intrusion prevention

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NSS Labs, an independent security product testing and research, is known to conduct comprehensive third-party testing in the industry. NSS Labs tested Fortinet?s FortiGate-3240C with FortiOS 4.0 MR3 against its IPS test methodology, which is composed of 1,486 live exploits. The FortiGate-3240C blocked 95 percent of attacks against client applications and 96 percent overall and correctly identified 100 percent of NSS? evasion attempts without error. There is frequently a trade-off between security effectiveness and performance. Because of this tradeoff, it is important to judge a product?s security effectiveness within the context of its performance (and vice versa). This helps ensure that new security protections do not adversely impact performance and security shortcuts are not taken to maintain or improve performance. ?The Fortinet FortiGate-3240C demonstrated excellent protection capability as well as performance, maintaining consistent throughput and high protection rates throughout the testing process,? said Vikram Phatak, CEO at NSS Labs. ?For multi-gigabit environments looking to upgrade defenses from their current IPS, the Fortinet FortiGate 3240C provides excellent protection.? ?With a latency of sub-10 milliseconds, the FortiGate-3240C is among the fastest IPS solutions in its price class,? said Patrick Bedwell, vice president of products at Fortinet. ?Beyond ultra-low latency, the FortiGate-3240C delivered 96 percent overall protection and 6.25 Gbps of IPS performance, making it an ideal enterprise-class solution for high performance latency-sensitive customers, such as those in financial services.? ]]>

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