Lenovo builds up mobile portfolio in PH

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[/caption] The two new units are the 5-inch Lenovo S880 and the 3.6-inch Lenovo A60+, which will be sold starting mid-September for P14,999 and P4,999, respectively. The smartphone models are not yet being offered by mobile operators but can be purchased from local shops. Open Communications, the distributor of Lenovo Mobile in the Philippines, said it still negotiating with the carriers so the products can be offered via mobile subscriber plans. Top officials who flew in from Lenovo?s headquarters in China said the company is ready to wage battle against other smartphone manufacturers in the country, pointing out that the company in not merely competing on price points but also on the unique features of its mobile products. Dillon Ye, an executive at the business operations and phone division of Lenovo Group, said this is the reason why it is not perturbed by the recent court ruling in Apple?s case against Samsung. ?We have many features that differentiate our mobile phones from the rest even if they run on Android,? said Ye, as he cited the various software tweaks and solutions that are installed in its smartphones. The Lenovo executive revealed that a smartphone based on Microsoft?s Windows Mobile platform is currently under development. He did not say as to when the company intends to launch the Windows unit. The Chinese official also said that Lenovo is careful not to mix the operations of its PC and mobile phone divisions as these two product groups are distinct from each other. ?The PC ecosystem is entirely different from that phone,? Ye said. ?That?s why we have a separate supply chain for our phone lines and a separate local distributor for the Philippines.” [cincopa AEGAB8K6c1MU] ]]>

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