Pinoy-flavored ?hackathon? bares winners

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The hackathon, which had the theme ?Build an App to Solve a Filipino Problem?, brought together 38 teams from all over the country. The teams hacked for six hours, and among the 38 teams that showed up only 24 teams were able to present their app after the deadline. Only three teams were proclaimed as winners. Nikko Bautista?s Team APPNimbus captured first place with his Bukas Palad app, which was designed to manage donations and resources in relief or donation centers. It is made to handle, manage and, repackage donation packs to areas that need aid and allows for multiple teams to use it at the same time. Ken-Lauren Daganio?s and Nino Malasan?s Team TKO snatched second prize with their Fund3Lives app. Lastly, Team TBD with Kimson Wong, Jess Chin and Carlos Gavino as members, grabbed third place with their Sagip App. Meanwhile, Team Audrey with member Stanley Semilla, Rod Xavier Bondoc and Audrey Manzano, won the Most Popular App award for their iTeks app. The judges in competition were Bryan Bibat, a freelance software engineer with eight years of experience on Web application development and technical training; Jen Yu, a multi-disciplinary creative technologist with a decade in the trenches of every possible media classification; Butch Landingin, a co-founder and chief technology officer of Orange and Bronze Software Labs who has been developing software for over 20 years; and Peter Philips, engineering manager. ]]>

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