VMware rolls out broad cloud infra, mgm?t solution

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At the heart of the announcement is the new VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 ? the first solution to deliver the software-defined datacenter. The vCloud suite integrates VMware?s virtualization, cloud infrastructure, and management portfolio into a single SKU, simplifying the adoption of cloud era technologies. The software-defined datacenter extends the benefits of virtualization to every domain in the datacenter ? compute, storage, networking, and the associated availability and security services. The software-defined datacenter architecture abstracts all hardware resources and pools them into aggregate capacity, enabling automation to safely and efficiently dole it out as needed for applications. Tenants or customers utilizing the software-defined datacenter can have their own virtual datacenters with a logically isolated collection of all the virtual compute, storage, networking and security resources they are used to. By recasting every layer of datacenter infrastructure into software services running across pools of industry standard hardware, the VMware vCloud Suite will simplify and automate operations while ensuring application service levels for even the most resource-intensive business critical applications. The VMware vCloud Suite 5.1 brings together the components customers need to build, operate and manage cloud infrastructure ? virtualization, software-defined datacenter services, policy-based provisioning, disaster recovery, and application and operations management. The VMware vCloud Suite includes vFabric Application Director, vCenter Operations Management Suite and vCloud Connector to speed application provisioning, move workloads between clouds, and bring intelligent automation to capacity planning, performance and compliance management. The VMware vCloud Suite will be licensed per processor with no core, vRAM or number of VM limits. VMware also announced new Cloud Ops Intellectual Property (IP) and advisory, transformation and education services. Based on VMware?s experience helping hundreds of clients worldwide navigate through the complex decisions around building, running and optimizing public and private cloud environments, Cloud Ops has emerged as a new operating model where IT shifts from a reactive, tactical relationship with the business to the role of a strategic partner, helping broker critical, value-added services across an organization.]]>

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