Samsung PH unveils 10.1-inch rival to iPad

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Among the products that Samsung is expected to unveil before the year is out are the Windows 8 phone, its first on the Microsoft platform, the Galaxy Camera, and the rumored Galaxy S 4. The avalanche of new products is expected to soften ? if not overwhelm ? the impact of the expected launch of Apple?s flagship phone, the iPhone 5. For now, however, the local unit of the Korean tech giant is momentarily happy for the launch of the Galaxy Note 10.1, an alternative to the Apple iPad and which retails for P32,990. Primarily aimed as a creative tool for digital artists, the 3G-enabled tablet is powered by a 1.4GHz quad core processor combined with 2GB RAM. It has a multi-screen capability allows one to split the screen between different apps and programs at the same time. Its Pop Up Play feature, meanwhile, allows users to watch videos while doing other tasks. An amazing feature is the Smart Stay, which guarantees that the Galaxy Note 10.1 won’t go to sleep as long as it senses that the eyes are still on its screen. Some say that Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is all about the S-Pen, a light and thin stylus that is pressure sensitive and pinpoint accurate. It comes with a rubber tip which gives users a natural writing experience much like a regular pen and paper. The S Note, on the other hand, integrates three features: shape match, word match, and formula match. Users can write and draw while having the Galaxy Note 10.1 make the necessary corrections. Digital handwriting will be as clear and precise as if it was type-written on paper, Samsung assures. S Note also offers digital publishing experience — from pre-made templates to magazine layouts, to webpages, and even video-recorded diaries. As a bonus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 comes equipped with Adobe Photoshop Touch and Drop Box, which carries up to 50GB of online storage. Its Allshare Play & Cast capability allows a user to send or stream images, music, and videos to other tablets, laptops, and TVs. The tablet has a 10.1? screen with a 1080p Full HD Playback. Its connectivity features include HSPA+ and Wi-Fi Channel Bonding technology (allows for double Wi-Fi speeds). ]]>

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