ArcusIT upgrades cloud platform

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[/caption] The virtual server service gives users a simple, Web-based interface for ordering, deploying, configuring, and monitoring cloud resources on demand. With the new platform upgrade, the ArcusIT Cloud Server now has more extensive configuration and Virtual Machine (VM) management features, including load balancing, auto-scaling, availability and performance zone selection, network, and storage management. All cloud management and provisioning takes place through an intuitive Web-based control panel. Features of the upgraded cloud service include rapid, easy-to-configure auto-scaling for the VMs. Users can also set VMs to automatically scale vertically (adding/removing RAM, CPU and disk resources to each VM), and scale VMs horizontally (by cloning the VM) according to configurable thresholds. All of these can happen without interruption to the running servers. Meanwhile, users can also select automatic load balancing feature for their deployed VMs, configure firewall, and control storage and backup. Another valuable feature highlighted during the event is the template library of pre-configured operating system environments that deploy in a couple of clicks. The template library includes multiple flavors of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and other operating system templates, both 32- and 64-bit. In addition, users can now access a library of Open Source Web applications packaged as virtual appliances for a discounted monthly fee. A free version is also available, offering a small set of basic templates, but still allows users to customize on their own. ]]>

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