AboitizPower deploys Oracle customer care and billing

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AboitizPower?s six subsidiaries were using disparate systems developed in-house and customized over several years. As a result, consolidation of monthly financial reporting was a manual process prone to error. Further, the disparate systems hampered the organization?s ability to introduce new electricity services to its customers, accommodate new technologies like smart metering and respond quickly to competitive challenges. After implementing Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing, AboitizPower is now capable of standardizing business processes, adopting best practices, and generating consolidated monthly reports in a timely fashion. Tight integration with Oracle Financial Management also ensures billing data flows smoothly to accounts receivable so that day-to-day and legacy information can be easily tracked. AboitizPower selected Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing in August 2011. A key driver for adopting a single customer care and billing system was the Philippines? move to a privatized and deregulated energy sector in 2012. The Oracle system can be adapted to ensure compliance with regulatory changes and reporting requirements around power generation, transmission, distribution, supply, metering and provide details about customer billing, including discounts to senior citizens. Standardizing on a single customer care and billing system has opened up new opportunities for AboitizPower to improve business management. Previous disparate systems made the option of new applications deployment a challenge. Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing?s open interface allows integration of new applications and configurability to respond quickly to business opportunities and competitive challenges. Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing provides AboitizPower with a more flexible, adaptable system enabling the utility to keep up with new technology such as smart metering and power grid management, as well as examine options to decrease its carbon footprint arising from its operations. ?Moving to a single customer care and billing platform enabled AboitizPower to streamline business processes, prepare for significant regulatory changes and reduce IT costs,? said Aladino B. Borja Jr., assistant vice president for information services in the power distribution group at AboitizPower. ?Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing manages all aspects of our customer information and billing. We now have the application needed to improve service delivery across our distribution units and help us compete more effectively in the marketplace.? ]]>

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