Top Facebook engineer to attend Globe developers event

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[/caption] James Pearce, head of developer advocacy at Facebook, will be in the Philippines this week to discuss apps development using Facebook tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as provide an overview and walkthrough of Facebook Mobile Platform, Open Graph API, App and Games Development, and Facebook App Center. ?Since Facebook is one of the most visited sites in the country with 29.1 penetration rate, we decided to launch an event that could kickstart developers into creating applications using facebook APIs and give them the opportunity to engage with their prospective users. We are very honored that this time, we have James Pearce as our guest speaker,? said Michelle Santos, manager for developer relations of Globe Labs Digital Media. Aside from the technical session with Pearce, ?Globe Labs Developers Day? will also set aside a ?Show and Share? time to allow up and coming local developers to showcase their products, network with other people in the industry, and potentially gain funding from investors. Among those to be featured during the event are ?AlterSpace?, a popular Filipino Environmental Awareness app developed by Indigo Entertainment for a Philippine-based power generation, distribution, retail and power services company; Eden Facebook API which is one of the ways for a website to connect to Facebook, to be presented by Christian Blanquera of Openovate; and Taghuddle of software engineer Nikko Bautista, which aggregates photos for hashtags from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To register and know more about the “Globe Labs Developers Day” event, visit this site. ]]>

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