Asean adopts electronic data model to fast-track clearance of goods

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[/caption] In the 1st Asean Single Window (ASW) Technical Working Group (TWG) ? WCO Consultation, which coincided with the 20th Meeting of the Working Group on Technical Matters, the members discussed the adoption of WCO Data Model as part of their future work and collaboration with the WCO. WCO Data Model is an optimized electronic data exchange providing a global standard for cross-border data requirements for the release and clearance of goods. The procedure aims to cut on costs and time for both the government and the stakeholders. It promotes the implementation of a ?Single Window? as it allows the reporting of information to all government agencies through its process of organizing regulatory information. The WCO Data Model is also based on the Revised Kyoto Convention that requires customs administrations to request minimal data to ensure compliance with customs laws. Bureau of Customs (BOC) director Kissinger V. Reyes commented: ?It was agreed that Asean would maintain the Asean Data sets and submit Data Maintenance Requests (DMRs) to the WCO for data requirements of Asean not covered by the WCO Data Model.? Aside from the adoption of WCO Data Model, the members tackled the updates on enhanced trade facilitation with AMS and the training for the administration of the ASW Portal. ]]>

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