Smart outscores Globe, 4-1, in NTC benchmark test

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The NTC study was conducted during the second quarter of 2012 in 16 cities in Metro Manila, through network drive tests using prepaid SIMs of both telcos with a sample size of over 3,000 test calls. In terms of Grade of Service or Call Setup Failure Rate (CSFR), Globe outperformed its competitor. With the CSFR standard set by the NTC at 4 percent, Globe recorded 4.45 percent while Smart registered 9.95 percent (closer to the industry standard is better). This means that call success rates are higher with Globe at 95.55 percent. For consumers, more calls using Globe?s network get connected at first try. For Drop Call Rate, the NTC standard is 2 percent, and test results showed both telcos performed within the standard. Smart logged in 1.5 percent while Globe registered 1.6 percent. Drop Call Rate refers to the percentage of on-going calls that were involuntarily terminated. In this item, Smart is better. For the Average Signal Level, Smart had a score of -62.62 dBm, edging Globe which had a score of -69.83.dBm. With a minimum acceptable range of -85 dBm, both telcos did not make it to the standard. Average Receive Signal Level refers to the signal strength that was being provided by the serving cellsite to the mobile handset of the subscriber while the conversation is on-going. This also refers to the signal strength of a subscriber’s handset. With regard to Average Signal Quality, Smart beat Globe with a score of 0.63 compared to the latter?s 0.72. With a minimum acceptable range of 0-4, the closer to 0, the better. A score of 0 means that there were no errors in the transmission. Average Signal Quality is the quality of voice transmission while a subscriber is using his mobile phone. It should not be choppy or garbled. In the area of Call Set Up Time, both telcos performed within the acceptable standard of below 14 seconds. Smart clocked at 11.74 seconds while Globe had a time of 11.9 seconds. This is a measure of how fast domestic calls get connected from one number to the other. NTC Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba earlier called the attention of both Globe and Smart on what he referred to as increasing complaints from customers about drop calls and undelivered text messages, asking both firms to explain the causes for the disruptions and to give a timetable for completion of their network modernization programs. Globe emphasized, however, that its ?legacy network? performed well against Smart?s newly upgraded modernized network. Globe president and CEO Ernest Cu said, ?It is now clear who is telling the truth and really giving good service to the public even with just our legacy network. Competition has claimed they are done with their upgrade and there?s no denying the official results from NTC quality tests show their upgraded network performs even below NTC standards. ?As soon as we fully fire up our brand new network, our subscribers and the entire nation will enjoy a whole new mobile experience that is once again pioneered by Globe Telecom,? he said. ]]>

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