Fortinet rolls out new range of network security appliances

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FortiManager 400C To help provide secure, Web-based command and control of Fortinet security infrastructures, Fortinet introduced the new FortiManager-400C. The FortiManager-400C provides centralized policy-based provisioning, configuration and update management for FortiGate, FortiWiFi and FortiMail appliances, as well as FortiClient endpoint security agents. To reduce management costs and overhead, the new appliance provides key features that include device discovery, group management, auditing facilities and the ability to manage complex mesh and star VPN environments. The 1-RU rack mounted unit supports 300 licensed network devices and up to 50 Administration Domains (ADOMs), a FortiManager concept that provides an administrator with the ability to create policy packages, folders and objects that can be shared between all FortiGate devices in a local ADOM. FortiAnalyzer-400C The appliance securely aggregates, analyzes, and reports on log data gathered from Fortinet devices and other syslog-compatible devices. The appliance is designed to streamline the identification of attack patterns, measure policy compliance and assist organizations in complying with regulations regarding privacy and disclosure of security breaches. The new FortiAnalyzer-400C delivers a 4x increase in memory and storage capacity to support a significantly greater number of logs and logs-per-second performance over the FortiAnalyzer-400B. FortiMail-400C This appliance is designed to provide rigorous protection against rampant spam, malware and message-borne threats to maintain business continuity. It delivers extended IPv6 support made possible by major enhancements in the newly released FortiMail 4.0 MR3 operating software. The new hardware platform provides a 30 percent improvement in message-per-hour (MPH) performance for email routing (400,000), FortiGuard Antispam (350,000) and combined FortiGuard Antispam/Antivirus (320,000) over the FortiMail-400B. In addition to quadrupling its available memory, the FortiMail-400C scales its onboard disk storage capacity to 2 TB to accommodate the growing demand for message archiving due to increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. FortiAuthenticator-400C To deliver centralized user authentication and management through a variety of methods to validate the true identity of a user before allowing access to an organization?s critical resources, Fortinet launched the FortiAuthenticator-400C. The new appliance is fully equipped with RADIUS and LDAP, two-factor and certificate-based authentication schemes; it also supports a single sign-on capability. FortiCache-400C A dedicated content caching appliance focused on delivering high-performance video content caching. The FortiCache-400C is specifically designed to accelerate network performance by reducing the load and latency caused by bandwidth-intensive content such as video. By caching application content, organizations can reuse popular content rather than download the same content each time a users requests it. ?Mid-sized enterprises are seeking powerful security measures to manage the growing complexity of their IT infrastructures and keep pace with the evolving threat landscape, and they look to Fortinet to provide the significant price/performance improvements in the systems they deploy that align with their budgets,? said Patrick Bedwell, vice president of product marketing with Fortinet. ?The new products we?re rolling out today address this need head on. As a result, smaller enterprises can benefit from very powerful security systems that were previously out of reach of their limited IT budgets.? Fortinet security appliances are distributed in the Philippines through MSI-ECS. For product availability, info and pricing, contact ]]>

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