P25.2-M ?train the trainers? program for IT-BPO unveiled

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[/caption] Tesda has allocated 900 vouchers amounting to P18 million for Trainers Methodology (TM) Plus, the first trainers? training program for IT-BPO offered by the skills development agency. TM Plus was jointly developed by Tesda and BPAP. In addition, a budget of P7.2 million for 804 vouchers will be used for TM 1, a first-generation version of the Tesda course also intended to enhance training skills. ?TM Plus will help ensure that we have a pool of highly competent IT-BPO trainers. Those who have completed the training will be responsible for training the next batch of trainers. And through this, we hope to achieve a multiplier effect that will increase IT-BPO-oriented training opportunities,? Tesda director-general Joel Villanueva said. TM Plus is one in a series of educational programs developed under the P500-million funding for the Industry-based Training for Work Scholarship Program (I-TWSP). I-TWSP is a key initial component of the government and the IT-BPO industry?s Road Map 2016 to increase total industry generated jobs from 1.8 million in 2010 (500,000 direct and 1.3 million indirect) to 4.5 million in 2016 (1.3 million direct and 3.2 million indirect). The entire program is divided into two parts: the first covers IT-BPO orientation and instruction via classroom and e-learning sessions; and the next is allotted for internship, where trainees co-facilitate TM Plus in an IT-BPO facility. Afterwards, trainees are assessed via tools developed by Philippine Society for Training and Development (PSTD) as well as Tesda?s TM 1 National Assessment. Corresponding certificates will be issued upon qualification. ?Being a world-class IT-BPO employee entails more than having effective communication skills. It?s also about the right attitude and possessing a high level of competency,? said BPAP president and CEO Benedict Hernandez. ?This is why we need standardized training programs. There are a lot of opportunities but the growth of the industry will only continue if we have the number of qualified talent we require to reach our development goals.? TM Plus scholarship vouchers will be available through selected technical vocational institutions (TVIs) in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The University of Makati, the principal partner TVI in the National Capital Region, received 600 scholarship vouchers for the TM Plus program. Tesda?s IT-BPO training programs are designed to develop and increase the number of qualified hires. The course outline includes sessions such as facilitating learning sessions and discussions; using electronic media in trainings; electronic learning applications; blended learning techniques; classroom management; conducting competency assessments; supervising work-based learning; and application of skills and knowledge through an internship. The first batch of Tesda-accredited trainers that completed the TM 1 program are training the TM Plus trainees. They include 12 trainers from Aegis, one of the global IT-BPO providers operating in the country. ?My batchmates and I were already trainers for the IT-BPO sector for years,? said Olive Yba?ez, senior manager for career and leadership development training at Aegis. Yba?ez and 11 Aegis employees who are now accredited TM Plus trainers were also taught to effectively manage training sessions so they can help potential employees increase their chances to land a job. ?The challenge for us is equip people who want to make a career in the industry. Because of TM 1, we are now more confident of our skills as trainers and are aware of effective means of supporting trainees? needs,? she said. Tesda and BPAP also launched a video that focuses on success stories from Tesda-funded training programs for the IT-BPO industry. The video, which can be viewed on YouTube, features the story of a once-struggling single mom who is now employed in the industry after completing Tesda courses. In 2011, the IT-BPO industry generated $11 billion in revenues. The industry road map seeks to increase revenues to $25 billion by 2016. ]]>

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