Sony PH takes wrap off new touchscreen notebook, AIO

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[/caption] At a press launch held at the Mind Museum in Taguig City, Sony Philippines officials, led by its president and Managing director Yasushi Asaoka, unveiled the new Sony Vaio Duo 11 ultrabook and the Vaio Tap 20 all-in-one. The new Vaio Duo 11 comes equipped with Microsoft?s new Windows 8 operating system and allows high-precision writing with a digitizer stylus. The Vaio Duo 11 features a sliding LCD display with the new Surf Slider design by Sony. User can slide into keyboard mode when they need to use the keyboard to work on documents and turn it into slate mode to comfortably browse the Internet, SNS (social networking service) or Windows Apps. Remarkably slim and light as well, the Vaio Duo 11 measures just 17.85mm and weighs approximately 1.3kg. It is powered by the latest generation Intel Core processor, further enhanced by a 1920×1080 11.6? OptiContrast Panel that not only reproduces vivid colors but also affords users with the flexibility of wide viewing angles. The model?s minimal latency means a more natural writing experience, and the screen ignores palm presses while writing, preventing distracting scribbles. Apps such as ?Note Anytime for Vaio? turn the Vaio Duo 11 into a virtual notebook for note-taking, while Active Clip allows users to snip out or select parts of an image and save them to a shareable scrapbook. During presentations, the digital stylus can also be used to write notes and comments directly onto the PowerPoint document when in slideshow mode. The ?Music? application lets users their music collection with superb quality, thanks to xLoud and ClearPhase technologies, while the ?Album? application makes viewing, sorting or sharing pictures and videos exciting and intuitive. Both applications let users ?throw? or stream personal photos, video, and music content to enjoy on DLNA compatible large screen TV and audio systems. Users can also download the ?Socialife? app for their Vaio Duo 11, an application that organizes social and information feeds. This feature is perfect for Facebook users to view, sort and manage all social networking services and news feeds through one user interface, alongside friends? feeds and posts. The new Vaio Duo 11, which will be available in the Philippines by end of October 2012, has a retail price of P69,999. [caption id="attachment_5462" align="aligncenter" width="450" caption="Vaio Tap 20"][/caption] The Vaio Tap 20, on the other hand, features a large, fully-adjustable 20? touchscreen and integrated battery. It can be adjusted into any angle depending on usage with its flexible stand. Laying the Vaio flat lets users read digital magazines or have fun with the barkada and family with its multi-touch panel for board games, sketching pictures and more, while sitting the Vaio Tap 20 at an angle allows users to take full advantage of the new Windows 8 touch-optimized user interface. When in desktop style, the Vaio Tap 20 becomes a fully capable desktop PC that can be used with the bundled PC and mouse. The comes with two original apps ?Family Paint, which lets users paint, draw and scribble with their fingers, using a range of brushes and textures, and Fingertapps Organizer which turns a typical monthly planner into a life organizer. The Vaio Tap 20 features Mobile Bravia Engine 2 which ensures crisp, natural movie viewing with fine details, and fluid on-screen movement. To record family moments, users can use the Vaio Movie Creator to turn video clips and pictures into short movies. In addition to supporting HD and 3D formats, Vaio Movie Creator lets users upload their work to SNS services like Facebook to share with friends. The new Vaio Tap 20, which will also become available by end of October 2012, has a tag price of P59,999. ]]>

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