TG files crowdsourcing bill allowing netizens to join in crafting of laws

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[/caption] The proposed legislation also allows the public to access copies of bills and measures pending before the Senate and the House of Representatives. Furthermore, the bill extends the people’s right of participation to include the ability to reach their congresspersons and senators even during the period of interpellation and debates. Guingona said the people’s views at this point in the lawmaking process will serve as vital guidance for the senators and congresspersons to make their final vote on pending measures. “Crowdsourcing recognizes and allows the individual and collective power of the people, with the use of the internet and/or other information and communications system, to contribute to the formulation, improvement, and creation of laws that benefit the entire nation,” the lawmaker said. Guingona emphasized that lawmaking is a shared privilege and duty of legislators and citizens. Because of this, he said the Congress has the duty to hear the opinion of people beyond the walls of the Senate or the House of Representatives. “From Batanes to Sulu, people must be allowed to participate in the process of law-making. When people are allowed to participate, we have better laws. When people are allowed to participate, we have better people,” Guingona assered. The solon has also uploaded the measure online to invite the people to help improve the bill. Earlier, Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano made a proposal for the Senate secretariat to live blog the sessions in the chamber to allow the public to participate in the crafting of laws. ]]>

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